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An interview with Zhongyu: A Professional Fiberglass Backing Pad Manufacturer

Updated: 2014-09-09 08:24:14

According to iAbrasive interview with Zhongyu, at present most abrasive backing pads in the Chinese market are plastic made of vulcanized paper or iron, the connection between backing pads and the main part--abrasive cloth pieces is not tight enough, poor plasticity results in the inability for pads' shape, thickness to change according to customer needs; thus it does not work well in sanding corners and crevices.

Zhengzhou ZY Metallic Materials Co. Ltd., a professional manufacturer of fiberglass backing pads for flap discand epoxy resin glue with years of experience, discloses how its fiberglass backing pad is produced. Equipped with one or two metal inner rings, wherein the periphery of the inner ring is connected with a glass fiber grid, and the glass fiber mesh is stuck with overlay film composed of black paper, non-woven abrasive cloth or glass fiber cloth. It is able to fix the connection between a basal body and an abrasive cloth plate body and has the advantage of strong plasticity. It can also be cut into different shapes and be designed to various thicknesses and concavity to ensure convenient sanding bending angles and seams. One point that requires paid attention to is that Zhongyu fiberglass backing pad does not need any other allocated iron rings and can be directly sheathed on a machine, it has the advantage of good appearance and is in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection.

About Zhongyu:
Formally registered in 2006, Zhengzhou ZY Metallic Materials Co. Ltd. is an entity enterprise devoted to research & development, manufacturing and sales of fiberglass backings, one-component epoxy resin glue and two-component epoxy resin glue. Zhongyu has long been favored and recommended by both domestic and foreign customers with high production capacity, stable product quality, reasonable price and sincere service.